Distributed behavioral experiments

  • A Complete Behavior System

    Autopilot is a complete framework for performing behavioral experiments with one or many Raspberry Pis. Everything you need is integrated: hardware control, stimulus delivery, task design, data acquisition, plotting, etc.

  • Unlimited Experiments

    Autopilot distributes experiments over swarms of networked Raspberry Pis. Its flexible experimental design framework lets you think expansively about your experiments. Need to add another five head-mounted cameras? No problem, just add another few Pis.

  • Do Good Science

    Autopilot makes doing good science easy: all your data is stored in a clean, human-readable format as soon as it's acquired. All experimental parameters are automatically saved, and your experiment can be replicated exactly with a single file.


An order of magnitude faster and an order of magnitude less expensive than comparable systems.


Program any task. Use any hardware. Autopilot doesn't put limits on your wildest experiments.


Make your experiments 100% replicable, scale your experiments to do high-powered science.